The Landkey Carol Tradition


The Landkey carolling tradition was started in 1892, with the establishment of a group of singers. Local miller, baker and instrumentalist John Darch was the leader.


This is a unique collection of carols, specific to Landkey. Whilst many of the carols within the repertoire were well known, others were composed specially for the group by a Mr Gully (and others).


The carol singing tradition died out in the 1970s, but there are still some villagers who remember being part of the group. They would travel round through the village and further afield to other local villages both singers and instrumentalists. The perambulations would sometimes go on into the early hours. For more of the History click here.


This revival project was established, in partnership with Wren Music, after a consultation event in the village in December 2017 – and we have discovered that some individuals have their own personal collections of old written scores, some of which we show here.



Come and join the Choir!

Come and join us - this is a community choir and all are welcome - whether you think you're a singer or not!

Rehearsals start

7th November, 2023 ....


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Oral History

We are aiming to capture as much of the history of Landkey and the Carols in particular.  Click here to see the recollections gathered so far - and contact us or make a donation here if you would like to help with this part of the project.

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